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Label printers, labels, Windows CE and Windows Mobile label printing software

A large variety of label printers are available from a number of manufacturers. Models vary depending on printing volume, label size and label type.

Some typical label printing solutions

  • fixed installations suitable for printing large label volumes via a PC or till connection
  • label printer with a keypad for manual entry
  • mobile label printers suited to merchandising and pricing applications on the salesfloor, in the stockroom, in the goods-in area and in distribution warehouses

A couple of examples:

Label printer with a keypad for manual entry

This is a very popular solution as it works straight out of the box. Ideally you would prefer to obtain pricing information from your own system but when a budget calls for a lower cost solution, this one can prove highly effective.

  • Adhesive labels, or card tickets, with either 2” or 4” wide models available.
  • One printer can print multiple designs of label, or multiple types of information on one type of label. eg. Less 20%, was/now, RRP/Our Price, size, barcode, descriptions, etc, etc

It’s very simple to use, no training is needed and it’s very cost effective.

Mobile label printing

Take the printer to the stock, not the stock to the printer

A tremendously effective solution. A small handheld barcode scanner, paired with a small mobile label printer. Your current product file is loaded to the barcode scanner and away you go!

Suitable for barcode labeling, shelf edge labels, sale reductions and promotions.

A client has recently had this solution with both mobile and fixed label printers. Fixed desktop printers in stockrooms to deal with high volume printing and mobile printers for their salesfloors.

Potential label printing applications include

  • Shelf edge labels and point of sale labels – especially efficient for use during merchandising and price checking. Makes your price changes very easy to implement
  • Printing Price and Barcode Labels – print missing labels out quickly and easily. No more problems at your tills caused by missing labels. No reason for non-bar-coded stock to sit around and no more hand written labels
  • Price Reduction Labels – show RRP and your selling price or the previous price and the new reduced price with good clear labels and sell through your reduced stock quicker
  • Price Checking – check your system price against point of sale material – if it’s wrong a new label is printed. The audit information is stored in a log file for later use. Keep trading standards happy
  • Bin location labels – quickly printed and applied – ideal for new installations or equally for replacing damaged labels of when moving bin locations
  • Pallet, Packing and Cage labels - quickly printed and applied

Our software is

Easy to use
screens are clear, self explanatory and easy to navigate
date and time validation ensures that only current price and product info can be printed
create your own package, check prices, count stock, you name it.
barcodes are scanned quickly and certain special features significantly increase productivity without compromising accuracy
Tried and tested
used by companies throughout The UK

This is a truly bespoke software solution available at market leading prices.

If you have a label printing requirement, whether it be labels, hardware or software, we’re sure we’ll be able to provide you with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution. Contact us if you'd like to discuss it in more detail.